2018! Thrashing through the boundaries of hell!

Nekrokraft enters 2018 with full force!

Today 19th of january the compilation album Witches Funeral was released by our friends at The Sign Records! Check them out and grab your copy of Witches Funeral at Freighttrain webshop!

We recently tore Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg apart together with Nox Vorago & On the altar, and there is more to reap! Nekrokraft will play in Skövde 27th of january, be sure to show up, drink the beers and the blood. We will also participate in something called The Wacken battle, an international event created by Wacken Festival, we are doing our thing in Luleå, 17th February.

During the spring our second full-length album Servants is release through The Sign Records, you dont want to miss out on that abomination, more information to come.

Music, Merch & Contact can be found at:


Thrash through the boundaries of hell, drink the beers, the blood and ride the demons. 2018, look out!

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